Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday Randomosity

  • I don't think going to war with Syria will have a long-lasting effect on the market. 
  • I'm still in cash, and waiting patiently.  
  • College football Saturday!  I've been watching a lot of games... since Thursday!  Friday night's North Dakota State win over Kansas State was very fun to watch!
  • Not that I'm in favor of going to war with Syria.   Haven't we learned our lesson(s) with wars in the Middle East?
  • So, Same-sex couples to get federal tax breaks. Hey, what about the marriage penalty?  Aren't taxes higher when incomes of two wage earners are combined? 
  • President Obama said he was going to ask Congress if it was okay to bomb Syria.  Really?  I think he's looking for the do-nothing Congress that opposes him on everything to tell him NO, and that's his out.  Right?  Then, back to working on his golf handicap.
  • They say consumer spending tapered off in July as folks held on tight to their wallets. I wonder how rising interest rates and rising gasoline prices are contributing to this.  Oh... and the higher payroll tax, too.
  • Sarah Palin said on Syria, "Let Allah sort it out.'"  Agreed!

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