Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Market Thoughts Randomosity

  • So the market seems to be teasing the bears a bit - maybe.  We haven't had much selling lately and any dip has been bought up quickly.  Is this another case where things will just rip higher after a short pause?  That's my guess.  The summer correction just hasn't happened. 
  • I'm still in cash, though.  I probably won't do much until the Sept-Oct timeframe somewhere.  
  • $IBM selling off.  Kind of curious.  The stock has been trending sideways for awhile above the 200dma.  Consolidating or breaking down...?  Over the long term, they are the big horse in IT mainframes and services, right?
  • $XOM selling off because nobody is using fuel anymore I guess.  Same with $CVX.  That is also kind of curious.  You'd think if the economy were expanding, then we'd use more fuel.  But even with the unemployment rate falling the participation rate is falling, and the jobs are part-time jobs.  So just not sure how to piece that puzzle together.  Still think that Big Oil is an okay place to invest For. The. Long. Term.  And these guys will be Big Natural Gas eventually, too - don't you think?
  • Feet still broken and sore.  This has been the worst summer evah.  Basically stuck in the house and bored.  Doc told me they'd feel better by September.  I was optimistic it would be sooner, but darn things. 
  • I've noticed that the news channels just repeat the same stories over and over, and have the same discussions over and over.  Watching Fox News and Fox Business, and every show is talking minimum wage, your data and privacy, Obamacare, etc.  Same thing, over and over.  
  • "Hey Jonathan Hoenig, is raising the minimum wage to $15 a good idea?"

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