Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Volatility with the Fed

  • I don't know what you do with today's market action.  It was crazy.  Ramped after the Fed announced nothing, and then fell back down.  Good luck.
  • Still in cash trying to think of something to do with it.  Probably just stay in cash until the Fall.  I am tempted to daytrade, but ... eh.
  • Economic data continues to show a very slow economy.  No other way to put it.  Although folks seem to be talking it up as great news.  What?  Should't things be growing a bit faster?
  • Feet are still broken and sore.  Man, over eight weeks so far.  Can't wait until this is over.  Ache ache ache.
  • Dodgers having an amazing run.  Dramatic late game wins.  Including last night's game against the Yankees.  
  • Did you see Spike Lee on CNBC this morning?  Wow, if I were producer, do you know who is not getting an invitation back?  What a clown.   There was no need to be disrespectful.  
  • Do you keep getting folks ringing your doorbell trying to sell you solar panels for your roof top?  What's the payback period, 25 years?  I always tell them I'm moving and putting the house up for sale in a few weeks, rather than argue with them. 

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