Sunday, July 07, 2013


Do you need a Smartwatch? Apple, Google, Dell, Pebble... Everyone seems to be thinking you do. Just as many folks have taken off their watches and just use their phones to get the time of day!  Plus, these things are pricey and will need to be charged frequently.  
My battery in my cheap Timex died last week.  I went all week with no watch and realized I missed it.  I went to Amazon and ordered a $20 replacement.  Cheap.  Shower proof.  Long lasting battery. 
Oh...  And tells me the time.  *** 

Wall St. Cheat Sheet Another Company Joins the Smartwatch Race — Is Apple Falling Behind?

dell-vs-appleIs Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) falling behind in the smartwatch race? It seemed that not long after rumors of Apple's smartwatch development emerged late last year, other companies began announcing their own smartwatch projects. Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) is the latest tech company to join the smartphone race as the beleaguered PC maker looks for additional sources of income amid falling desktop computer sales

Investing Insights: Will Dell Stage A Recovery? Read the original article from Wall St. Cheat Sheet

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