Friday, July 12, 2013

Market thoughts Randomosity

  • I have been wrong about the stock market. I keep expecting the summer correction, but the market is very resilient. It may be the Fed it may be whatever but it just goes up and up.
  • I am still in cash, and sticking with my summer correction prediction. But it is frustrating to see the market go up. I'm glad I'm not short though.
  • I have been home a lot the past month with my feet. I have fractures in each due to cycling. So that is even more uncomfortable than missing new bull market highs. But that is why I am not blogging as much or doing audio boos as much. And no walking the dog!
  • Boeing is dropping on the fire of Ethiopia 787. Maybe I should throw some cash at that right? Panic selling for no reason probably.
  • Boeing is affecting the overall market now to as the Dow is negative.
  • Say, the Los Angeles Dodgers have sure turned things around right? I have watched most every game this year, and the last month is better than the first two right?
  • TGIF


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