Sunday, July 21, 2013

Big Tech Randomosity

  • Remember when big technology stocks mattered? It was interesting Friday to see Microsoft slide and Google not do well, and the market shrugged it off. Sure the NASDAQ was down. But it used to be the whole market would slide on that kind of news.

  • Of course, Google did hold the 50 day moving average.

  • Which just goes to show you, don't fight the Fed! Don't fight the trend! People want to buy stocks and that is that. Not just domestic buyers, but I think international money, too.

  • I am still in cash. No summer trades for me yet. I still think there is a correction coming, but I have been wrong so far this summer.

  • I want my pension! You know, it will be interesting to watch Detroit for what happens to pensions. There are many retirees and workers who have been promised pensions, and the question is how will they be paid?

  • Pop Tart ice cream sandwiches. Raise your hand if you want one. *as my hand shoots straight up*

  • The Dodgers won, sweeping the Washington Nationals in the three game series. Unbelievable starting pitching, clutch hitting, and great relief from the bullpen. I think this is what we expected all year as Dodgers fans.

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