Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Another New Market High Randomosity

  • imageYes, it is starting to sound like a broken record: Another day, another new market high. Even with the news that Factory output dropped in April and manufacturing activity in New York state contracted this month, a sign that slowing global demand is weighing on the economy.  Hey, the good news is that this means the Fed can keep QE-infinity going!
  • Still in cash.  LOL.  HAHAHA.  “What a maroon!”
  • Remember when $CSCO used to move the market?  Think they still can on their profit beatCisco shares rose about 8 percent after Chief Executive John Chambers said the company was seeing some good signs in the United States and that other parts of the world are "encouraging."  Seems like only yesterday that Chambers moved markets.
  • That’s Chambers, not Cramer.
  • Patience.  Patience. Patience.
  • Watching bottom of the 8th with Dodgers up over Nationals 2-1. Could use an insurance run or two, Blue Team.  Greinke is out and it’s up to the Dodgers bullpen.  Gird. Your. Loins.
  • It is options expiration week, so one thought is NO WAY THEY CAN PUSH THIS THING DOWN.
  • By the way, $AAPL was down today.  3.4%.  And the market was up.  Yeah. Really.
  • imageI had dinner at the Olive Garden tonight.  Is that place always packed or what?
  • Sometimes I think about moving out of CA, then I read: At least three killed, up to 100 injured by Texas Tornado
  • Sacramento Kings staying in Sacramento.  Of course, now David Stern is planning on meeting with the Maloofs to try and convince them to sell the team to the Sacramento group of investors.  The Maloofs don’t have to sell – that’d throw a wrench into Sacramento’s new downtown arena plans.

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