Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Randomosity

  • imageYahoo – $YHOO:  CEO Marissa Mayer was paid $36.6 million in 2012. Seems like a bunch.  Remember when Yahoo was the destination site and home page.  The site is still great for email and fantasy sports.  But that’s a lot of money for a bunch of free services.  They must make it up in volume.
  • Speaking of big salaries, don’t you think Dwight Howard will get a big pay day when he signs with [insert team name here] next season? "I'm going to take my time, get away from the game, my phones and everything and just clear my head," Howard said Tuesday in an end-of-season interview at the team's practice facility. "I'll do what's going to be best for myself, what's going to make me happy. I can't control who likes me, who dislikes me, but I have the right to be happy."
  • Dollar pressured before the Fed makes its policy decision.  Hmm…  Well, when you think about the slower-than-expected GDP last week, unemployment remaining high, and companies beating earnings not because of revenue but because of cost cutting, maybe easy money continues.  But last week didn’t the Fed talk about another stress test for a rising interest rate scenario?
  • Sell in may this year?  Think twiceUsing data going back to 1928, it turns out the best six month period in the first year following a presidential election is March through August, with an average 8.73% return, with the second best being April through September with a 5.95% average return.  Of course, the market is right at a double-top, with slightly new highs. 
  • An update on the secular bear market from Sy Harding  Timely!  …here we are with the S&P 500 back to its previous peaks. Its peak in 2007 exceeded its peak  in 2000 by a fraction. And its peak in 2013 is now exceeding its peak of 2007 by a fraction.
  • Homeownership rate lowest since 1995.  I guess that means renting is popular right now, which means that investment properties should be doing well.
  • Will the Sacramento Kings move to Seattle?  Yesterday, it seemed the answer was no.  Today, the Seattle investor says it isn’t over yet.

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