Monday, April 22, 2013

Netflix Surges!

I've never owned shares of Netflix, $NFLX.  In some of the Audioboos over the years I went over why I don't own shares "for the long term."  But what a comeback by the DVD and streaming service, signing up over 2m subscribers.  The stock is surging about 26% after the news today.

This is a Peter Lynch "buy what you know" kind of stock for me as I stream movies all week long via the Roku box.  But I didn't buy it.  (LOL.)

We shall see what happens going forward as there are more and more competitors in the streaming business.  But nice job by the company!

Netflix Erases Doubts With Signup Gain Propelling Shares

Netflix Inc. (SPX), vanquishing Wall Street skepticism about its growth prospects, is poised to become the best-performing stock in the Standard & Po... Read more

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