Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Randomosity

  • Noriel Roubini is bullish short term, long term catastrophic. Yeah. Really. “The risk of the end game from QE is not going to be goods inflation, it's not going to be a rout in the bond market,” Roubini says. “The risk is like during the 2003-06 [cycle] - we're exiting very slowly and we got an asset bubble.” He's saying things that many others are, too.
  • Non-stop sequester talk this week. Gird your loins! Well, the thing is that the President is out there saying we're going to have to cut teachers. Aren't teachers funded locally? I say let the sequestration happen. Maybe some government workers get furloughed. Maybe they don't. The whole thing is that the amount of money cut is very minimal.
  • Anyone else watching college hoops? Almost that time. Just as the 70-degree temperatures start rolling in, it's time for March Madness!
  • So, I'm still mostly in cash. No reason to get too aggressive here. The market ended the weekly advance streak at 7 - even though, the market rebounded strongly this week. February is a weak month, but not this year. The market almost seems like it is churning up here. And, the Black Box has been on a sell signal. So, I'm not doing much here. Was the pullback this week all the ammo the bears have? I'm hoping for another rally after a pullback. Still!
  • Flipped over to the Lakers-Mavs game. Lakers up in the 2nd. Anyone think that will last on the road for the Lakers? Me neither!
  • We're almost 4 years into the bull market that started on March 9th, 2009. Really! It's getting long in the tooth, and the maket is really close to the highs set in 2007. Co-inky-dink?
  • Eh, I don't care about the Oscars.
  • I finished watching the first season of 24. I miss that show! I never saw the first two seasons, so doing that in between the cracks now. LOL. Anyway, President Palmer! Funny how some of the speeches he gave mirror some of the ones that President Obama gives. Maybe that show paved the way for Obama.
  • Hoops!


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