Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday Night Randomosity

  • $$ - By the way, the SP500 has been at these levels twice before: In 2000 and in 2007. In both cases, bear markets followed. Just saying. If the market is in a secular bear market trading range, is the market near the top again?
  • Eventually, even secular bear markets end. Is this the end of the one that started in 2000? I don't think so.
  • Jim Cramer says that investors aren't being fair to Apple - $AAPL. "I could argue that $458 is a good place to step in. It won't trade at six times earnings for long," Cramer said. Jim's on record.
  • So, I think it's the big money moving out of Apple and trying to find the next big growth thing. Something that could be had for $15 a share that goes to $705, like Apple did from the iPod introduction through last Fall.
  • Whoa, these are fighting words here in CA and in the Obama admininstration: Whole Foods co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market said global warming isn't really that big of a deal. “I haven’t been outspoken about global warming. I’ve been smeared quite a bit in the media about it – all of a sudden, I’m a climate change denier. I mean, climate change is obviously occurring. So -- it's gotten a little bit warmer. I guess my position on it is that I don't think that's that big a deal. Actually, humanity’s flourished usually when temperatures gradually warmed. And humans gradually adapt to it,” he told Off the Cuff. As for regulation to reduce global warming, he said, “We can probably eliminate poverty on the planet earth in the next 50 years if we will just continue to follow the tenets of free enterprise capitalism to the greatest extent possible. So I just don't want to see that change.


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