Monday, January 28, 2013

Is $AAPL Stock a Bargain?

Is $AAPL stock a bargain? I remember back before the last bear markets, how the leaders were defended most of the way down. At least until the drumbeat of "Dow 3000" was so loud that nobody wanted to buy anything. Here was have the stock everyone was in love with just a few months ago, Apple, and as the market has rallied, the stock has held the Nasdaq and NDX back. The stock fell below the 50dma and bounced and tested it a few times before falling to lower prices.


The first bounce or so was met with optimism, but less and less as the failed attempts went to lower prices and then to a slower-growth earnings report last week.

Along the way, we've heard from folks who think that Apple is a buy and that valuations are ridiculous for the company that has more cash on the sidelines than they know what to do with and continues to sell iPhones and iPads faster than they can make them.

Although, have you noticed how you can buy Apple products almost anywhere these days? Reminds me of Krispy Kreme donuts in their heyday. From exclusivity to every sales counter in town. Those were some tasty donuts in their day.

My thoughts? If AAPL can't rally when everyone is bullish, what happens when the eventual overall market correction happens? I think the company needs a positive surprise, in either growth, innovation, or both.




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