Friday, December 14, 2012


$$ - Today's events make it difficult to discuss the market. A horrible act of violence has struck once again, and I don't have the words to express my sadness and sorrow. 

I will go on to the market, which is what I try to mostly discuss on this blog.


I'm still bullish. I know we seem to hit a snag, and the Nasdaq and NDX can't escape from the heavy hand of $AAPL. Apple stock continues to fall, and today there's word that sales in China aren't as robust as hoped for. Instead of $1000 targets, we're hearing the bottom is in the $400s. From one extreme to the other! We'll see what happens.


Apple's loss seems to be $GOOG gain. Google is grabbing the positive news headlines in growth land because of surging sales of Android phones and now a #1 hit at the iPhone iTunes App Store with the release of Google Maps. Growth funds and ETFs have to own something, and maybe Google is the prize.


Today I did some reallocation, just to grab some stock losses to offset some of the big gains for the year. But I'm still 100% long with beta. But the beta is getting sucked down with Apple! I also have a heavier weighting in the small caps. Someone once told me that small caps outperform from December to June.

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