Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The iPhone 5

Bought my $AAPL iPhone 5 tonight. Even received decent trade-in value for the old Apple iPhone 4. My first impressions are that this thing is speedy compared to the 4. In addition, some of my most resource intensive apps are loading really quickly. I use Cyclemeter for the dog walks and bike rides, and it was painful on the 4, but loads and runs quickly on the iPhone 5. Downcast is a podcast app, and it is also speedy. 

The big news is that I switched from ATT to Verizon. I know it all depends where you are, but right now when I'm in the office ATT data network is almost non-functioning, while Verizon (via my iPad) is great. So I had to make the switch. But ATT worked everywhere else - hopefully, I will get the best of both worlds on $VZ!


I bought a cheap case for the iphone 5. It's too slick, and I think it will slip out of my hand and crash down on the ground in short order. So, I'm looking to upgrade.


More comments in the days and weeks ahead. I know many of you are way ahead of me on this, so I won't get too bogged down blogging about my new iPhone.

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