Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Strong Market Day!

  • A nice day in the market, and even $AAPL was up!
  • SP500 up 5 days in a row!
  • The market was stronger, but then Harry Reid came out and said that there's no progress on Fiscal Cliff stuff.
  • I think the talk of $AAPL stock in its death throes is a bit overdone. Yes, they face challenges, but their products are great and people love them!
  • Michigan approves right-to-work laws, making mandatory union membership a thing of the past. Workers can still join if they want to. Or not. Up to the worker. Nice. Why should anyone be forced to pay union dues?
  • Is the news getting more and more crazy? Maybe there are always bad news stories in the headlines, but now a Portland mall shooter.
  • Now we have a few weeks where the regular TV shows take a break and we get the in-between stuff.
  • For all my worries about fantasy football, I'm in the playoffs in both of my leagues.
  • North Korea has a successful missle test. I'm sure that will bring more peace and stability to the region. Not.
  • Lakers lose on the road to Cleveland, and Coach blows up at reporter as I was watching on Lakers TV. Kobe Bryant scored 42.

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