Sunday, December 09, 2012

Fox Business Block Stock Picks

$$ - What are the Fox Business Block stock picks today? As you know, at the beginning of the year I wrote down their picks for 2012, and we'll track those in a few weeks. What are they picking today?

  • Fox Bulls and Bears stock picks: $MAT, $MOH, $GOOG, $BF-A. Meh. If I had to take one of those, I'd probably pick the Google.
  • Fox Cavuto on Business picks: $LNG, $WAG, $F. Uh, I'd go with Adam's pick, Walgreens. For the long term, of course.
  • Forbes on Fox picks: $MMS, $UTEK. Tech stocks! Well, I think those are some volatile names!
  • Cashin' In picks: $NFLX, $AKAM, $SMFG. Those seem like risky picks to me!
I don't recommend any of these and won't follow up, just interesting. Some of the details of their comments will be at later. I like the shows where they review their best and worst picks. There are both, for sure!

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