Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Turkeys and Truces Randomosity

  • $$ - The stock market continued it's weekly advance. Reason du jour? Peace!
  • Jim Cramer says to sell $HPQ and $BBY. Nice timing. LOL. The stocks have already crashed. My opinion is that there is little value in these companies. I don't know if they will turn it around or not. HP seems like they make one bad decision after another. Best Buy seems like a 1990's place.
  • Yeah, peace in the Middle East. Lets face it, peace is better than a ground invastion. But I'm not sure any of the underlying issues have been resolved.
  • Anyway, I remain 100% long and strong with beta. I'm bullish. Black Box is on a buy. The market is in the favorable season. Don't fight the Fed. And my favorite indicator: The Cheesecake Factory and BJ's are packed with customers waiting-waiting-waiting for a very long time for a table.
  • For some reason, the US markets are closed tomorrow.
  • Speaking of, I wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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