Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Stock Market Thoughts

  • Everyone wants back in $AAPL! Up over $24 today after the big plunge recently.
  • Back from a few days in Reno. The stock market plunged as I was driving up on Friday. And for most of the drive back today, the market was plunging. But once again, the market reversed course late in the session. Usually that's good news.
  • But the bottom line I THINK is that everyone wants in $AAPL. After the intense pull back, the iPad mini event is here. Kind of funny how the stock went over $700 and crashed down over 10%. Now it bounces as it approaches the iPad event and earnings. I was thinking if Apple pulled back today I'd get some. But that play may have happened. Now I'd be worried about a sell off! LOL
  • So the stock market still seems a bit iffy. We're getting near "last chance" for sell in may to pull out a win before November.
  • I'm still in low beta stuff and cash. I guess I'll need a strategy for getting back in, as it looks as if Sell in May won't play out. Not doing anything yet. Just over a week in calendar days to go...
  • In Reno, I did really well in sports bets. If I did this well all the time, I'd go up there every weekend. Of course, bad news is the drive home was through the first winter storm in the Sierras. Snow. Snow. Snow. Bad traffic. Took forever!

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