Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Randomosity

  • $$ - The stock market was opened with generators today.
  • On the seasonal front, we're at the end of October and tomorrow is the first of November. We should see seasonal strength here not just from the monthly paycheck money coming in, but the end of the unfavorable Sell in May period and to the favorable market from November through April.
  • Other than Hurricane Sandy and the various election polls forecasting various outcomes, I think the big news this week was $DIS - Disney, getting Star Wars (Lucas films). Yes, there will be more Star Wars movies. Maybe this is an apology for John Carter?
  • Ichan pounces on $NFLX - Netflix. You know, there is a lot of competition there these days.
  • As I type, Asian shares falling. Reason du jour is that while China's PMI has improved, it hasn't improved enough to convince folks that the slowdown is over/bottomed.
  • $FB - Facebook, is going to have a tough time moving up. In addition to all the shares that were locked up being unlocked, investor Jim Breyer is dumping $81M worth.
  • Not that many trick or treaters here as the hour goes past 8pm. And it just started raining. Where did all the kids go? And the last few were teens! Must be over for this year.
  • Futures down last I checked. Weigh that against seasonality!

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