Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Warren Buffett Likes Energy

$$ - If Warren Buffett likes energy, should you? My thought is that he always seems to get a better deal that the individual investor can.  And buying the day the headline hits is dangerous.  It seems like there is a bump, then a dip later.  But that's just what I think I've seen - actual results may vary.
For the record, I like oil.  The world runs on oil, not solar or wind.  Oil is the fuel we use.  And it seems that here in the US, we're doing everything we can to limit the supply of oil.  This is while economies seem to be growing slowly and central banks are flooding the markets with money.  Then there's the middle east and eventual tensions with Iran.
That's why I like oil.  But not because Warren Buffett likes energy.  Maybe this is the one time I got in before Buffett - lol.

Warren Buffett Likes Energy. So Should You.

Already owning a large position in energy giant **ConocoPhillips**, Warren Buffett recently added to his position in oil refiner **Phillips 66 **and o... Read more

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