Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday NFL Randomosity

  • $$ - Are the Dow transports ($IYT) giving a sell signal? According to the basic version of this theory, if the Dow Jones Transport Average fails to confirm the strength of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the market is headed for a correction. Hey, they were only down 5.4% last week. Wow.
  • 80% of S&P 500 companies forcasting 3rd quarter misses. Eh, wall of worry. Who cares?
  • Eurozone bailout fund up to 2 trillion euros. If the ESM gets approval to use the same leverage techniques as the EFSF, it would have a lending power of around 2 trillion euros without countries having to contribute any more capital to the fund. I like not having to contribute more yet having way more euros. I'm sure everything will work out fine.
  • NFL surprises... Vikings over 49ers. Atlanta smoking San Diego in San Diego. And Arizona the last two weeks. Hey, they're better than anyone thought.
  • I said it on the podcast, but I think Obama is going to clobber Romney in November. Just a feeling. But I think it's the growth of the entitlement demographics and a shrinking of those participating in the labor force.
  • Barron's cover has $FB at $15. Hmm...
  • Oh, and the Lions going for it on 4th down in overtime. What was that?
  • So, I'm still in low beta stocks with some cash. I get the feeling that a big market correction is coming, but then there's the don't fight the Fed thing. I guess I'll wait a few more weeks before making a decision on what to do about the failure of Sell in May this year.

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