Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Stock Market Thoughts and Randomosity

  • $$ - The stock market is just waiting for Big Ben Bernanke now that $AAPL - Apple iPhone 5 news is out of the way. The market has had a nice run, and everyone seems to be expecting Bernanke to continue to try to stimulate the economy with whatever it is the Fed is doing. (Er, wrecking the currency).
  • I'm not sure what to say at this point. Everyone seems to be a contrarian and expects the market to slaughter the bulls. Those who are bearish aren't shorting stocks, they're going long gold in anticipation the Fed is going to weaken the dollar some more by QE3ing until the cows come home.
  • What can we make of that?
  • Anyway, everyone seems convinced that the market is about to surge higher. Maybe it will. I remain in low beta stuff with some cash. Even as the market inches higher and is singing a siren call to buy, buy, buy!
  • I haven't been running my stock scans while I'm on vacation. I may trade some Friday when I'm home. I don't know. I'm really interested in what happens tomorrow with Bernanke. Should be fun to watch. I guess my gut feeling is that the market surges. It seems like the market wants more money, and if the Fed is going to grease the skids, happy days, right Fonzy?
  • Last day of vacation. Heading back home tomorrow. Beach. Beach. Beach. Been fun down here in SoCal.
  • The violence in the Middle East is horrible, but not unexpected. We all know what we're dealing with over there. I don't like to wax too political here, but I really wish we'd quit supporting those countries and buying their oil. Seems to be the best strategy is to cut off their money supply and aid. Lets get our oil from other places including right here.
  • Dodgers are free falling, Tom Petty.
  • I'm going against the Dolphins every week this week in the NFL pick'em pool and weighing the pick the highest one on the board. They can't score and Tannehill will be throwing picks like his life depends on it.

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