Saturday, September 01, 2012

Saturday Night Randomosity

  • $$ - Remember when Greenspan was the leader of the Feds, and all we had was speculation and complicated statements to parse? And the "briefcase indicator?" Now we get so much transparency, we can't make heads or tails of it. Everyday the Feds are releasing statements and commenting on Fed policy. And they're all over the map!
  • Today was the first Saturday of NCAA football. Everyone playing their tune-up games... Alabama crushing Michigan.
  • It's September. That means football but also a new $AAPL iphone 5! So we're getting the same old stories about how suppliers are struggling to make, uh, supplies, and will have trouble making deadlines, etc. Happens every year. Anyway, September 12th.
  • ECB bond purchase plan is short on details. Is it really? Isn't the plan "Hey, Germany! Give us some money!"
  • The Republican convention ended with a pretty good speech from Mitt Romney. Clint Eastwood getting mixed reviews for his interview with an empty chair. Marco Rubio was very good. The Democrats spent the last week calling Republicans liars and racists.
  • On deck, the Democratic convention. I will try to watch it.
  • Sometimes, I am ready to do an audioboo or podcast, but then a few days go by and the notes get stale.
  • $AMZN planning an ad supported tablet. FAIL. "You must wait 15 seconds before you can turn the page in your book." No thanks.

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