Friday, September 07, 2012

Pandora Shares Plunge on Apple Fears

Pandora $P falls about 17 percent on news that Apple $APPL may enter the streaming music market. So Apple has decided that they want to take on more music services because a lot of folks are streaming music off the web instead of buying songs from iTunes. Cloud storage has become the wave of the future an apple want to make sure that they are part of that

In addition to Pandora, maybe XM radio is in trouble too.  There are apps currently out on the iPhone where you can stream radio stations, podcasts or other content to your stereo.  I'm looking at you Tunein.

Pandora Shares Plunge on Apple Fears

By Alexandra Scaggs And John Letzing Shares of Pandora Media Inc. tumbled Friday, following news that Apple Inc... read more


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