Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Intertouchdownception Randomosity and Market Thoughts

  • $$ - The stock market fell today as the replacement refs said that the Fed's QE3 may not work.
  • Okay, maybe that was Philly Fed head Charles Plosser who said new bond buying announced by the Fed this month probably won’t boost growth or hiring and may jeopardize the central bank’s credibility. Well, it's a good thing that they're doing it then. Good decision.
  • Credibility! snicker
  • Green jobs gone wild: As Tesla Motors, a maker of electric cars, burns through cash and misses production targets, it is turning to investors and taxpayers for extra financial help.
  • It seemed like for a few weeks, we ignored the world's financial problems. They didn't matter as the iPhone 5 was about to be released and central bankers were making it rain.
  • Asian shares and commodities fell on Wednesday as protests in Spain underscored the country's financing challenges and investors refocused on slowing global growth as rallies, fed by major central bank easing measures, faded. But don't fight the Fed!
  • Okay, so here we are heading into month end and quarter end where you'd think the market would see some buying of what's been working. But then today happened. If $AAPL is in trouble, the market is in trouble! The new iPhone 5 sold half as many as the most optimistic projections forecasted. But come on, 5 million phones is a lot of phones.
  • Today was a distribution day, and the Nasdaq led on the downside. We are due for some sort of correction. My gut feeling is that we rally into the end of the week, but isn't everyone thinking that?
  • I remain with some cash on the sidelines and the rest in low beta stuff. I still think I will follow the Sell in May strategy and look to buy sometime in October.

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