Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dow Closes at Highest Level Since 2007

$$ - The Fed stimulates and the market rallies. Don't fight the Fed.  Lets call Sell in May dead and admit that the most likely move is that the markets will go higher.  It seems as if we will see those areas that get stimulated by cheap money rally.  That means banks will be able to profit.  Housing maybe.  Definitely a weaker dollar helps gold and commodities.

And of course, Apple - $AAPL.  Gotta have an iPhone 5.

So I'm still in low beta stuff and some cash.  Since the market has rallied so strongly, I'll probably wait it out through October and then look to add money in and get more aggressive.  Just in case we do get a Sept-Oct pullback.  No matter how unlikely it seems that the market will go down against this next round of Fed stimulus

Dow Closes at Highest Level Since 2007 on Fed Stimulus News

Filed under: Market News NEW YORK -- The stock market staged a huge rally after investors got the aggressive economic help they wanted from the Fede... Read more

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