Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Beanie on the IR Randomosity

  • $$ - That's a five-day selloff on the SP500. Reason du jour? ...protests in Spain and Greece over euro zone austerity measures raised fresh concerns over Europe's ability to get its debt crisis under control.
  • "Fresh" concerns, eh? Haven't the concerns roughly remained the same? Nobody believes the smoke and mirrors right?
  • Asian markets moving up. US futures up. Hey, it is near the end of the month and quarter, so you'd think the bias would be up.
  • Still in low-beta stuff and cash. I still will probably wait until sometime in October to get more aggressive. Might as well let the Sell in May strategy play out. Maybe it works out after all. LOL.
  • The Federal Reserve is on more than Dancing with the Stars. This one wants 200,000 jobs for 2 consecutive quarters. "I think that would be a good marker - it's a threshold, it's an indication," Chicago Fed President Charles Evans told reporters after a speech in this industrial Chicago suburb. "In combination with (GDP) growth above trend, that would really reinforce and solidify the idea that we are getting substantial improvement."
  • Deal reached in NFL lockout.
  • Beanie Wells on the IR. LOL. So who wants to take a chance on his backup this week in Fantasy Football? Ryan Williams? Hmm.
  • So are the Presidential polls oversampling Democrats? It sounds like Obama is just crushing Romney in all the polls, then you read that the pollsters are oversampling Democrats and using a 2008 model rather than a 2010 model - or some such thing, and Romney is close or leading everywhere. It's going to be interesting.
  • I think Obama crushes Romney on the increase in entitlement demographics.
  • Andy Williams passed away. I remember the Christmas specials on TV.

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