Thursday, September 06, 2012

Amazon Unveils New Kindle Tablets

$$ - Today's big tech news is new Amazon - $AMZN Kindle tablets. I have to say they look interesting.  I don't know if they're hamstrung by a clunky interface sitting on top of Android, but the blogs and twitter are championing the new tablets.
My thoughts? Not an iPad killer.  At $499 for an LTE Kindle Fire, even with a $50/yr. 250meg a month data plan, it still falls a little short.  That's not enough data to do much with.  The $199 model may do much better and eat into Nexus 7 sales.  
But the iPad mini is rumored to come out soon, which may be the small tablet to have.
I would imagine this will put a ton of pressure on the Microsoft Surface, though.
Amazon Unveils New Kindle Tablets

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