Monday, August 13, 2012

Market: Zzzz...

$$ - Is the stock market making you a bit drowsy? We have seen five weeks in a row of gains, while the market had been on a six-day win streak until today. Things seem to be okay, at least nobody seems to care any more if things aren't okay. The Olympics stole our attention for awhile; now, the Presidential election race seems to have moved front-and-center.So. Who is paying attention? Volume is light!

Well, I find myself with very little cash but still low-beta holdings. I've been using my NEW short-term black box system. But when the market goes up five weeks in a row, one can be fooled by success. Yet... We shall see.

Anyway. On to the news surfing. Nothing new for me other than I am invested, but short-term focused and flipping things within a few days. More on this as I work the NEW system and get comfortable with it.


I miss the olympics.

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