Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Fed to the Rescue?

Is it time for the Fed to do more? With $AAPL's earnings miss, stocks falling, US economy stalling the Euro problems, China slowdown, and consumer confidence falling, Fed action seems likely, right?
It seems like the table is set for next week. I wonder if we will hear more and more rumors about Fed action as the days get closer.
The stock market is getting oversold.  Pessimism is picking up.  Meanwhile, the market is inching to the usually bullish month end as well as potential Fed action.  Who knows, maybe Europe will throw another Greece/Spain solution in for good measure, too.
As Fed hints, investors wonder what tricks it has left
BUSINESS | JULY 24, 2012
WASHINGTON/NEW YORK -- When economists at Bank of America piped headlines from minutes of the Federal Reserve's June meeting down to the firm's tradin... Read more

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