Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Thoughts

  • $$ - The market futures are down as I type. Getting the blame? Greece. Slowing China growth. Concern about US earnings forward guidance. You pick, you choose.
  • It was just last week when none of those things mattered. But, they do today. Will they tomorrow?
  • Last week was options expiration week. Just saying. The market was completely oversold in the week prior, and saw a bounce then a rally during the week. Earnings got the credit, but maybe it was just oversold and gloom and doom. Volume was light, too.
  • Thoughts? Well, the market is still in the summer trading range, and volatile. Gloom and optimism replace each other multiple times a day as for the reason the market is doing whatever it does.
  • Hey, $AAPL reports this week. So does it do a huge move up or down after earnings.
  • I was in Reno over the weekend. Won a little. Betting on baseball is so frustrating. When you're up or down a run in the ninth, who knows which way it will break!
  • It's over 100 degrees here today. Not feeling like cycling. It's not that bad as long as you hydrate and keep moving. But, not feeling it today.
  • Portfolio allocation hasn't changed. Low beta stuff, lots of cash, too. So the closer we get to 1300 on the SP500 the more itchy I will get to increase beta and put cash to work. Every time the move down stalls and moves up, I wonder if this is the time I "missed" the bottom of the trading range. Just being honest. I still think there will be some more selling before this summer correction is truly over.
  • Audioboos coming. LOL. I know. I say that every week lately. But work has been busy and I'm in total workout mode when I get home. Except for today, where I'm in total lazy mode. I'm even too lazy to post a pic of a sexy asian woman today.

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