Thursday, July 05, 2012

A Lot of Chicken at Mickey D's!

I sit here at lunch, reading about $MCD future plans to use a lot of chicken.
Yeah, McDonald's seems to be heading to some healthier menu options.  No, I doubt we will see a "filet-o-hen."  But if they can really increase their salads and grilled chicken options, that's a plus, right?
I think it's a good move with the population aging and watching their intake grams of fat.  I don't own any MCD, but this is the kind of story that indicates that I will at some point directly own shares.  Because McDonalds continues to adapt and change - and remain popular while doing it.
Besides, the Big Mac is still on the menu, right?

New McDonald's CEO's Grand Plan Involves a Lot of Chicken

Filed under: Company News, McDonald's, Food & Drink _By Kim Bhasin _McDonald's new CEO Don Thompson has some important decisions to make as he take... Read more

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