Sunday, July 08, 2012

Black Box Sell Signals ($AAPL, $PM, $JNJ … and thoughts on $RIMM and $GRPN!)

imageThe Black Box is on a sell signal on about everything. $$

Sell on the indexes, leading stocks, dividend stocks, etc.  That means AAPL, PM, JNJ, LLY, QQQ … Etc.  Tons of them.)

You know what it has a buy on?  $HDGE!  That’s the ETF that does well when stocks tank.

Two other names that popped up as buys were $RIMM and $GRPN, but I won’t touch those because I don’t like their business models.  The Black Box is a mechanical system, and just looks at technical indicators.  It doesn’t subjectively analyze a business model.

I think Research in Motion is going away.  Gone.  Good-bye.  Buh-bye.  They blew it.  The company is losing market share.  They’re also delaying the new Blackberry, and that will be after Apple has a brand new iPhone 5 on the market.  Research in Motion is toast!  I think they’re down to just having some patents, that may not be that valuable in a world where technology has passed them by.

And Groupon is facing competition from about everyone now.  I can’t tell you how many DEALS OF THE DAY are hitting my inbox from tons of vendors, but all of them have similar kind of deals as Groupon. 

JMHO, of course.  The Black Box could be wrong.  I could be wrong.  Never stock advice, just another point of view – and there are a lot of those out there!

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