Thursday, July 26, 2012

Alzheimer’s Setback and Pharma Stocks

$ELN and $PFE had a setback on their Alzheimer's drug. This article talks about Elan as a takeover candidate.
But, I was thinking that drug companies in general are really going after these diseases. Other companies are going after MS, AIDS, cancer, Alzheimer's, etc.  I hope they figure it out!
Meanwhile, the drugs for cholesterol, high blood pressure, and the like are pretty mature and successful.
So these companies need some big wins, right?

Alzheimer's Setback Makes Elan Takeover Bait to Biogen
Bad news for Elan Corp. (ELN)'s Alzheimer's drug is turning into good news for Biogen Idec Inc.'s takeover options. Elan sank 15 percent, the most s... Read more

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