Friday, June 29, 2012

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Divorce!

Hey Dawson! Hey Pacey! Katie Holmes is available! 

(Just taking a break from stock market and Obamacare...) 

Who didn't love Katie Holmes on Dawson's Creek?  Like every love triangle, I always wished the 2nd place guy would just move along to the next girl.  Michelle Williams wasn't exactly chopped liver, ya know?

(Yes, I watched Dawson's Creek - lol).

Was there a pre-nup in this marriage?  How do the financial arrangements work out?  I'd think he's made a bunch more money than she has over the years.  Get out the check book, Tom!

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Divorce: How It Will Affect Suri — Expert

Temper tantrums, acting up in school -- our expert tells us that Suri may face a host of issues now that she's a child of divorce. After **Tom Cruise... Read more

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