Thursday, June 07, 2012

Thursday Stock Market Randomosity

  • The stock market has been down and up the past week. Just last Friday, it was the worst of times. Yesterday, it was the best of times. Today, eh, back to things looking a little janky. It's never good when the market starts out strong and then fades into the close.
  • Reason du jour? Well, China cut rates. At first, folks loved the idea of more liquidity. But then, hmmm, maybe things aren't that great.
  • The Fed's Ben Bernanke continued to say "I'm ready when you need me, coach" with regards to any stimulus needed. But the reality is that Operation Twist continues and rates are pretty darn low.
  • Not much has really changed since last week.
  • The biggest change since last week is that the Dodgers went from losing 5 in a row, to beating the Phillies 4 straight in Philly. That's something the Dodgers haven't done in 66 years.
  • Nevada is the first state to adopt statues to allow online gaming. Is this good for $IGT?
  • The SyFy channel has been having somewhat of an Alien-fest with the movie Promethius coming out soon. Read the Promethius review here. I'll probably go see it. No 3D, though.
  • Maybe a big deal that $FB is rolling out a central location for their apps. It will be called, ahem, App Center. Kind of like Sportscenter, but with apps instead.
  • Anyway, I remain in cash and low-beta stuff. Not doing anything. Except maybe shopping for a new car. Yeah, really. Ready to ditch the sports car.
  • Yes, the Scott Walker win was a big one. Not just to retain the GOP leadership in WI, even though the Senate is now controlled by the Democrats in recess (lol). But the big deal is that maybe this will put an end to the recall madness for awhile.
  • Almost Friday...

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