Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Stocks Surge!

$$ - Do we credit the stock market rally to the Wisconsin voters for re-electing Scott Walker as their governor? 
Larry Kudlow did!
Not much other news flow out there as the reason du jour for the very strong rally today.  I don't even think today falls within the Investors Business Daily's rules for a follow-through day, which is required for a new bull market.  Yes the move was strong enough and the volume was there, but it has to be on the 4th through 7th day from Monday, so this is too early.
I don't know what they said, as I don't subscribe.  LOL.  It's kind of pricey for what it is, don't you think?
So, last Friday was the worst day of the year.  Today was the best day of the year.  Maybe we're seeing increased volatility, which could be that these recent lows are the bottom of this summer's 2012 trading range.
Stocks surge, see strongest day of the year

Stocks jumped Wednesday, chalking up their strongest day of 2012, as signs of moves in Europe to rescue Spain's troubled banks sparked a rebound from... Read more

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