Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Stocks Close Higher

The markets (financials and $JPM) moved higher when Euro news came out. It seems as if they plan on using more debt to bail them out from the old debt.

So, same thing.  It won't work, either.  But the markets did seem to turn around on that.  Or maybe it was just a sigh of relief and a small bounce up to where the market previously broke support.

Anyway, Semis and financials did well.  I was just wondering when the right time would be start legging into some $JPM, but probably will wait a bit longer - and risk missing it altogether.  Funny this morning Bloomberg was talking about the stock and cockroaches. You know, where there is one there may be more.

Another bad day for $FB.  It may be a buy someday.  Just not yet.

Stocks close higher amid euro zone crisis

> Stocks closed Tuesday higher, recovering some ground from last week's sharp selloff as investor angst about the euro zone's fiscal crisis was o... Read more

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