Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Market Thoughts and Apple!

Well it has been five days since I've blogged and even longer since a podcast or audioboo. Where does the time go?The market has had a bad day and a good day this week. Lets start with yesterday, as the market ramped up at the open due to the Spain "getting a new credit card" news. Of course, the market sold off later. Whether it was a sell the news on Apple's WWDC or a realization that more debt in Spain won't cure the problems of huge debt due to entitlement spending, the market tanked into the close.

But then, today happened. Reason du jour? Bargain hungers - with the caveat that they're still worried about Europe.

Uh... Well, must have been a slow news day. Can't blame Shellie Zimmerman, can we? Or the LA Kings?

My thoughts are that there are no reasons to buy here, as the summer correction isn't yet over. I think anything near the previous lows may be interesting, though. Even though we normally have a summer correction, I would look for that to end a bit earlier this year. But, it is what it is. Not trying to anticipate it. I am just watching. Haven't even done any short-term trades.

But... I am working on a new Black Box for short term trades. Even just one-day trades. We shall see. "Paper trading" as of now.

And Apple? Well, I think the iOS6 news is fantastic. First, for the new iPad. Add in the cars and more hands-free use, app launching, new mapping system, and integration with social networks, and the iPhone and iPad will continue to be extremely popular. Bad news for Google, though. Google apps will be buried somewhere deep on the iPhone, somewhere where we will all forget about them.


Dodgers lost game one of the Freeway Series against the Angels. In the ninth!

LA Kings won. WOW! I'm not a hockey fan per se, but I did watch some of last night's game. Until it was 4-0, then I just turned it off.

I bought a new truck and got rid of the sports car. I was thinking about something more fuel efficient, but in the end I just got something that I wanted instead. One would think that the sports car was my mid-life crisis car, but I've been driving in the truck blaring Motley Crue over the bluetooth audio, with a big grin on my face.

Kick start my heart!


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