Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Macau Casino Growth Fatigue!

I've been watching $LVS with some interest, and here is a column on how the slowdown in China may be affecting the casino business.

I don't have any positions in Las Vegas Sands at this point.  And I wonder if the Macau boom of the past few years is somewhat similar to the Las Vegas boom in the 1990s.  Remember when new themed casinos were going up every few months?

Anyway, $LVS is on my watch list for an add somewhere towards the end of the summer correction. (Assuming that's what we're in.)  If not sooner, because sometimes I get impatient...

Macau Feels the Pinch of China's Slowdown

Macau's casino gambling business is showing signs of growth fatigue. The former Portuguese colony, the only place in China with legalized casino bett... Read more

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