Friday, June 01, 2012

Job Growth Falls Off of a Cliff

Job growth sucks! $$ 
Jobs growth came in at 69K and previous months were revised DOWNWARD.  That's been the trend, right?  Upbeat numbers keep being revised lower when the final data is reviewed.
This took a toll on the market today.  The interesting thing is that even though guesstimate number was 150,000 (or higher), most folks in the news and on the web yesterday were whispering that this was going to be a bad number.  Nobody knew how bad, but something ugly.
Thoughts were that this bad number may have been priced in.

Labor Pains Continue as Job Growth Falls Off of a Cliff in May

Job growth braked sharply in May and the unemployment rate rose for the first time since June, putting pressure on the Federal Reserve to ease monetar... Read more

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