Friday, June 01, 2012

Dow Erases 2012 Gain

It's true. A money market fund is outperforming the Dow in 2012. $$ 

Remember when the Dow set the record for the largest point gain EVER in the first quarter of 2012?  Time for Total Recall on that, as the Dow is now down about .8% for the year.  A negative return!  Yes, a money market fund returning nothing is outperforming the Dow 30 stocks.

Unless you did the Sell in May and go away thing...


I remain with mostly cash and low beta holdings.  It's tempting to try and catch a rally, but there were only 5 up days in May, and June is off to a rocky start.  Tough to catch one!


U.S. Stocks Fall for Week as Dow Erases 2012 Gain on Jobs

U.S. stocks tumbled, falling for the fourth time in five weeks and erasing the Dow Jones Industrial Average's 2012 gain, amid concern the global econ... Read more

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