Friday, May 04, 2012

Worst Week of the Year Randomosity

  • imageWhy Paul Krugman is mostly wrong. $$ Krugman says that all we need to do to get the global economy going again is for the governments of the world to start spending a lot more money.  Well, debt is the issue, right?  $16T and growing.  The interest on the national debt is a large percentage of the budget.  All of this Keynesian stuff may work if the government followed it in good times and balanced the budget, and paid off debt!
  • The SP500 has the worst week of the year. Reason du jour?  Jobs! Or lack of jobs!  Thank goodness so many people dropped out of the labor force, so that the unemployment rate didn’t go up! /snark
  • And Euro worries.  Don’t forget that.  Always Euro worries.
  • By the way, $AAPL clossed at $565.25.  Remember when Apple gapped up to $610 after earnings?  Filling the gap!  Yikes.  I think it’s below the 50dma now, right?
  • Lots of households cutting the cord on pay-TV.  The number of U.S. homes subscribing to a pay-TV service fell by 1.5M in 2011, Nielsen estimates, as subscriber gains of 1.1M and 280K from telco and satellite providers, respectively, failed to offset the loss of 2.9M cable subs.  So, lots more options out there, considering Netflix and Hulu.  Although some of these companies will get you on the backside with bandwidth charges.
  • Dodger Town:  Cubs win!  Cubs win!  Missed the day game, but LA had a chance in the ninth. 
  • Oil futures fell 4%. 
  • Worst week in SP500 since December 16th.
  • Nasdaq worst week since late November.
  • Southwestern Energy ($SWN) was down over 7% today. Hey, aren’t utilities a “safe haven” during troubled times?  Except for SWN, I guess.  They missed earnings by a penny. One cent.  Poof, 7.2% freefall.  Plus, commodity prices are having a rough go of it, especially natural gas.  But watch that, because so many companies are cutting back on natural gas production at the time when the government is waging war on coal and the country will need more natural gas. 
  • Hey, Mariano Rivera, why don’t you go shag some fly balls…. oops.

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