Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts

Even with the headlines obsessed with $FB and $RIMM, Spain and Greece, the market had a nice rally today. It started up, tried to fade, but then turned back around and finished strong. This wasn't even one of those days where we start out way down and come back. This was pretty much a solid day all around. 

Well, except for all the Web 2.0 social stocks. And Research in Motion - or Research in a Complete Freefall.


I still think the market is in the summer correction mode, but that probably means a trading range. So we have headed up from now. And at first glance we look at just below SP500 1300 as the bottom of the range for now, and we shall see where the top of the range will be. Somewhere near but maybe a few percent off the 2012 highs?




In Dodger Town, a frustrating 2-1 loss... YIKES.

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