Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stock Sellin' Wednesday Randomosity

  • Wow. Yesterday's stock market rally was sold off all day today. $$
  • Why? Europe. It's always Europe. Stop asking. It's either Spain or Greece, but others will probably get hit. Basically, they're going broke but still trying to borrow money because politicians believe that borrowing money solves budget problems.
  • So Facebook is or was thinking about a smart phone. That makes absolutely no sense. And did you read that they're interested in the Opera browser? Still makes no sense.
  • Mass porn shoot at the LA coliseum. LA is always the trend setter, so look for the "in crowd" in your city to start this in your local coliseums.
  • Mitt Romney wins the GOP nomination, but I think that's as far as he goes. I think the country has drifted to the left, and so many folks don't pay taxes but receive benefits. Cutting taxes at this point benefits "the rich" because they're the only ones left who pay taxes. But when taxes are increased on the rich, it just ends up impacting the middle class and poor via higher unemployment and higher costs of goods and services. *steps off soapbox*
  • Speaking of, California may pass a law that lets private sector workers participate in a state run pension. As if CalPERS, CalSTRS, and every other public pension isn't underfunded as it is. Oh, and what about Social Security being underfunded, too? You really want these guys running your pension? Smells a little like a wealth redistribution scheme to me. *really steps off soapbox*
  • So I remain mostly in cash with some low beta stuff. Haven't been trading at all. Kind of watching the Spring-Summer go buy. I may play at moving averages or retests for a rally. Maybe.
  • LA Kings win game 1 in hockey.

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