Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Same Darn Thing as Yesterday Randomosity!

  • imageSo far, the market sold off early and is recovering – Just like yesterday! $$
  • Boy, I was out this morning otherwise it would have been tempting.  Anyone else playing the “buy the dip” daily trade?  It’s been like printing money lately.
  • Today’s whipsaw brought to you by GreeceInvestors were whipsawed throughout the day by ongoing political negotiations in Greece, and worries that the troubled Mediterranean nation wouldn't get its latest package of bailout funds. But those worries were assuaged by the end of European trading, helping pare some losses.
  • Are the oil speculators driving oil prices down?  Well, ARE THEY?
  • Did you see that ATT and Verizon are going to have some sort of shared data plans that encompass multiple devices?  Thank heavens, because I’m tired of all these bills for different data caps. Of course, this could hit those companies’ profits, right?
  • Andrew Bynum said closing out teams in the NBA playoffs is easy.  Denver proved him wrong.
  • If I was playing the daily whipsaw trade and buying the early dip, I’d be quick to take profits.  I think the market is going to be very tough this summer.  Sell in May and that sort of thing.  My focus for the summer is short-term stuff with tight stops and quick profits.  Either way.  Stick and move, and throw lots of jabs.  Not trying to lay the big roundhouse punch.
  • Did you read where Bank of America may reduce mortgages for up to 200,000 homeowners?  Basically this would represent a 30% reduction. 
  • You know it’s an election year when the politicians are talking Gay Marriage, Abortions, Flag Burning, etc.  I wish people weren’t so dumb.  What about jobs and the economy?

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