Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Market Thoughts Randomosity

  • The market rallied to 4-year highs today! $$
  • Reason du jour? Easing jitters about a slowdown in the economic recovery.
  • The slope of hope: US manufacturing expanded at a faster pace than expected in April. The ISM number came inat its strongest rate in 10 months. Dow at highs not seen since 2007, SP500 since 2008.
  • The wall of worry: Sell in May. It's May 1st with the markets near bull market highs. That ought to make anyone nervous!
  • Intel $INTC hit a 52-week high at $29.05, clsoing at $28.95.
  • Apple $AAPL was up early, but faded in the last hour and closed with a loss. Worries are that there won't be any new products introduced until the next iPhone.
  • Occupy May Day went global on Tuesday, as demonstrations stretched from California to New York and from Europe to the Caribbean. Yeah, lots of folks protesting capitalism. Watch 'em on the news.
  • Dodger Town: The Los Angeles Dodgers had a 7-0 lead, and in the ninth the Rockies had it down to a 7-6 lead. In comes closer Javy Guerra who has made the 9th innings look like batting practice lately. The wicked slider was working, but the Rockies did leave a runner at 3rd.
  • The Fed Presidents out and about making comments that its too early to say if the economy is in a longer term slowdown. Well duh. They will be able to tell us in hindsight like they always do!

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