Friday, April 20, 2012

TGIF Randomosity

  • imageThe stock market shot out of the gate this morning.  Reason du jour?  The opposite of yesterday, which was the opposite of a few days prior, which was the opposite of a few days prior, etc.  Earnings!  Microsoft came in better than expected, and reduced worries over Spain’s debt burden.
  • That can all change before the close, so stay tuned.  And the market has cooled off a bit as the day moves along.  Heck, the Nasdaq is in the red!  Blame $AAPL.  apple is down another $14.54 as I type, or 2.46%.  The stock has a heavy weighting in the Nasdaq.  And SP500, too.
  • Heading to Reno.  Don’t take the run line and the Dodgers.  1-run games all over the place.
  • iPhone 5 rumors:  Liquid metal casing and October debut?
  • George Zimmerman out on $150,000 bail.  This is going to be an interesting case.  You know that already.  But anywhere you look in the media world, the guy is convicted already.  And if not, the law enforcement is preparing for riots.  Great.  If it’s not the Lakers winning, it’s the Zimmerman trial.  Always a reason for riots.
  • Now that Starbucks is going to stop using crushed beetles in products, where can I go to get a crushed beetle Frappuccino?
  • The Department of Labor keeps revising the numbers of people filing for unemployment benefits – higher. There have been 14 weeks of jobless data this year, and there have been 14 revisions. And all 14 were revisions that made the claims picture higher than what the government originally reported.  Election year gimmick or just honest mistakes and restatements?

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