Saturday, April 28, 2012

Steve Wozniak Likes Windows Phone (and Lauren Tannehill)

image$AAPL co-founder Steve Wozniak (not pictured) likes the $MSFT and $NOK Lumia 900 Windows phone more than Android or iPhone.


Well, that’s what the man said:  Overall, Wozniak says he prefers the look and feel of Windows Phone apps over Android and iPhone apps. He also likes Windows Phone better overall than Android.

He still uses the iPhone 4S, though. Why?  More apps.  Windows apps just aren’t there and lack of voice dictation.

But those may be available soon, right?

The Lumia 900 is selling well, even with Nokia stock cratering.


Again, not shilling for any of these companies or phones.  I still have an iPhone, FWIW.  But I like the competition.  I don’t want any of these companies to become complacent. 

Picture is of Miami Dolphin’s first round pick Ryan Tannehill’s wife, Lauren Tannehill.

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