Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lumia 900 converts coming from Apple, Android

Here is my daily check on the $NOK $MSFT and $T Lumia 900 sales. This poll shows that 60% of new Lumia 900 users are folks who have left Apple or Android.

Of course, since most folks have an Apple or Android phone - that's 80% of the smart phone market, it's kind of like the poll result that says "the majority of adults are former children."

Nevertheless, the new Nokia phone is selling better that expected and is giving folks another option. The Lumia 900 is currently free with a 2-year activation from AT&T. "Free" is an interesting price point and very attractive for folks who want in to the market. Heck, the Lumia 900 has a big screen and 4G LTE speed. That's the next market, especially when you consider that Apple iPhone users are stuck in 3G land - but are also most likely locked into a two year deal at this time. Well, except for those converting I guess!

I still have the iPhone and am in a two year deal. What would stop me from switching or converting at this point is the MLB.tv app. Lol.


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